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 Digitalization and automation are two concepts that are often occurring in the digital world today. By working with these two areas, you can achieve huge benefits. For example, do you want to be able to own, manage and change processes within your business area? Or do you want paper handling and scanning to be just a memory? Our digitalization and automation services will help you solve these problems, and at the same time it will reduce your need to get help from the IT department.



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Digitalization is about a shift in customer relationship and interaction. Old processes are replaced with new digital and faster processes which ensure higher accuracy. Today, four of ten Swedish companies lack a digital strategy, are you one of them? We will help you.

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Automation goes hand in hand with digitalization and aims to increase the efficiency and quality of a process. Are you aware of the benefits of automation or do you want to know more about how automation can help you? We are happy to tell you more.

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Benefits of digitalization

  • The business itself can run the digitization work
  • Free time from your IT and development department
  • Reduce time to market by quickly publishing digital forms
  • Replace old paper forms with digital forms that are both user-friendly and dynamic
  • Make sure you receive documents with correct information
  • Sign all types of documents with BankID


Benefits of automation

  • The business itself can own and automate its processes
  • Automate various types of processes such as contract management, onboarding, credit cases, complaints and customer awareness
  • Reduce the need for administrative resources
  • Ensure that regulations are followed, and processes are documented

We digitalize and automate your business - with real results!

At Releye, we offer our customers smart solutions within digitalization and automation. We help you with your digitization journey by replacing old paper forms and static web forms with digital and dynamic forms. We also help you to automate processes such as onboarding, case management, credit applications, complaints and much more - so you can spend time on things you really want to do.

Our ambition is to provide your business with useful tools that allow you to create and maintain your business processes yourself, without the help of IT!

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