To offer you the most return on your investment, we have entered long-term relationships with a few reliable and carefully selected system providers. 

Thanks to our expertise surrounding integration with other systems, through Mobility, Business Intelligence and Marketing Automation we create a functional whole with user experience. Moreover, it results in more satisfied customers and increased profitability.

We base our agile project development mostly on Microsoft technologies. Through our partnership we have a fruitful and close cooperation with Microsoft. 

Sweet Systems

Sweet Systems develop smart and business-critical solutions that streamlines the operations for sales, after sales, customer service and marketing units. They aim to make their customers life easier and happier.

Sweet Systems offers a unique web-based software with offline support that adapts to your needs. Some of their most popular products are Sweet Automation, Sweet PortalSweet Performance and Sweet Forms.

Releye is a certified Sweet partner that can help you with planning and implementation.


Salesforce is a world-leading CRM platform that provides cloud-based applications with focus on sales, service and marketing.

Easily log, manage and analyze all customer activity in one place with Salesforce suit of web-based CRM software. Constantly monitor everything from sales leads to support tickets, and from channel marketing to website analytics.

Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365, former Microsoft Dynamics CRM, provide organizations with a highly flexible customer relationship management platform that can adapt, grow, and scale along with your business. Standard Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service modules help to drive consistent and measurable improvement in everyday business processes.

As a Microsoft Gold partner, Releye has delivered some of the largest CRM initiatives based on Dynamics CRM in the Nordic region. Our team of highly experienced consultants supports everything from banks to major industrial companies in their CRM challenges.

Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI)

Microsoft Business Intelligence is a complete suite of products that help all decision makers with decision support to achieve better business results. The product suite includes including Microsoft SQL Server, Office, SharePoint and Power BI.

We have extensive experience working with solutions based on SharePoint and Reporting Services, Analysis Services and Integration Services - all accompanying components when running the Microsoft SQL Server. 

Netoptions BizWizard

Increase your sales and improve customer loyalty with BizWizard Email, Event & Feedback.

Strengthen your brand through smart communication! - BizWizard, makes your eMarketing work.

The integration with Sweet Automation enables a good complete platform for marketing automation. Automate your flows and reach out to the right audience at the right time.


Prosales is both a research institute and a consultancy firm that has conducted research on what creates successful sales and thereby producing new knowledge and insights on the topic for nearly 10 years.

Releye is partner with Prosales and exchange experiences and new research on what needs improvement or change in the sales process.