Are you looking for a platform that can automate and digitize your business? We can help you get a more efficient workday by implementing smart solutions from Sweet Systems. Together with Sweet, we have developed strategies and solutions for the digital customer for over 12 years.

Why our customers choose Releye as a Sweet-partner

We have extensive experience in implementing CRM solutions and our skilled consultants are experts in mapping your specific needs. Together we can find a solution that will give you a clear overview of your business and how everything is connected.

We implement the following of Sweet's solutions:

  • Sweet CRM
  • Sweet case management
  • Sweet digital forms
  • Sweet automation
  • Sweet project management
  • Sweet marketing

Sweet’s platform – from automation to smart business and case management

Sweet CRM 

Collect information about customers, prospects, business opportunities and projects in one place. You get a clear overview of your planning, activity management and good foundation for follow-up.

Sweet Case Management 

You get full control over all incoming cases. Through a clear and structured case process you can provide the customer with excellent service - from any device.

Sweet Digital Forms

Allows you to convert paper forms into digital forms. You can easily create a form and then decide who will get access to it - logged in or public. With a smart digital signature, you can easily sign your forms with BankID or with touch directly on your mobile device.


Sweet Automation 

A platform for marketing and sales organizations, as well as customer service, aftermarket and HR departments to automate business processes.


Sweet Project Management 

Helps you transform your business to projects and for further planning everything from resources to budget and scheduling.

Sweet Marketing

Give your marketing department full control and a better insight into on-going marketing processes. Set up a marketing plan, divide it into several marketing projects and add specific marketing activities. Here you can collect all information, follow-up, analyze, optimize and become more accurate in your communication.

What we help our customers with

We help companies in different industries to digitize their business by developing smart solutions that makes it possible for them to contact customers at the right time, in the right channel and with the right message. We coach you in your digital journey!

 Typical questions our customers have

  • How can we make our business more effective with help from automation?
  • How can we customize the system to suit our business?
  • How can we become more customer-centered in our organization?
  • How does your project methods look like when you introduce a new system?
  • What are the benefits of choosing Sweet Systems (a small Swedish company) over other CRM giants such as Salesforce and Microsoft?

Why Sweet Systems?

Sweet Systems is a platform that allows sales, marketing and customer service departments to work more integrated and towards common goals. Sweet Systems has also won awards for their innovative solutions, when they became nominated as "This Year's Best B2B Sales Tool-Provider 2018" by ProSales.

We are happy to assist you!

Du you want to know more about Sweet Systems? We will help you find the right solution that suits your business - contact us today!

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