Are you looking for a tool that helps you be smarter in your customer management while also taking care of all reporting? We have over 18 years of experience in implementing digital system support for operational customer management and strategic solutions. Together with Microsoft, we offer you top class CRM and BI solutions.

Why our customers choose Releye as a Microsoft Partner

At Releye you find competent and experienced consultants who take your implementation to a new level. Together, we map your specific needs to find a solution that takes your business forward in the digital landscape. With long experience from working with customer processes, system integration and implementation of new solutions we are a confident and advising partner to companies using Microsoft’s products in their customer management.

We do this using:

  • Dynamics 365
  • Microsoft Data Platform incl Microsoft Power BI

Our Microsoft platforms



What is Dynamics 365?

Dynamics 365 is Microsoft’s platform for business management. The platform contains business support for your everyday business management, from apps for lead management and sales management to warehouse management and invoicing. We are specialists on the platform apps and components that cover your customer processes.

Through the platform you can for example get help with:

  • Customer acquisition: Marketing tools, lead management and opportunity management.
  • Sales management incl follow up of the organization and the pipeline.
  • Management of existing customers: Customer life cycle management, case management and scheduling for customer service employees.
  • Activity management for communication and internal co-operation among users.

What is Microsoft Data Platform?

Microsoft Data Platform is the suite of Microsoft’s products that help companies collect, store and use their data. In the platform you find, among other things, the tool Power BI that you use for analysis and reporting of different types of data, using visual, interactive and powerful reports and dashboards. This gives you a clear overview of your business. The platform also contains tools for integrations, AI and machine learning that we use to make our solutions and our customers smarter.

Using the Microsoft Data Platform you are able to:

  • Collect and graphically present relevant information from hundreds of different data sources in real time.
  • Sort and analyze data to find new relations and opportunities you did not see before.
  • Create a data driven business in which you can make more fast and correct decisions.

What we do for our customers

We help organizations understand their own potential through IT-strategy and development of digital system support. We manage projects from start to end, and then help you with maintenance and support of implemented solutions. With our experience from hundreds of implementations, in a number of various industries, we dare challenge our customers to think in new ways in all phases of the process.

Typical questions our customers have

  • How can we automate the administrative tasks?
  • How do we sell more with higher profit?
  • How can we proactively contact our customers and solve their problems instead of reacting when they call us?
  • Which cloud supplier should I choose?
  • How do I ensure that the system scales with us?

Why Microsoft?

Microsoft is one of the world's largest system vendors that during the past years has grown in their B2B-offering. With a stable technical platform and wide offering, Microsoft is a strong partner for companies that want a smart and efficient customer management.

We are happy to help you! 

Du you want to know more about our Microsoft platforms? Contact us today and we will help you find the right solution for your business.

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