Monday, April 29, 2019

To open up and create a smarter floor plan was something that was very high on the wish list when we started the renovation of our office. We have talked to Daniel and Marina who have been involved in the project. They will tell you about what has been done and what positive effects the renovation has brought.

Why did we do this renovation?

  –  We started this renovation to create a better working environment for our employees. We have grown a lot in recent years and therefore we needed to review our floor plan to create more space and to get more smart workplaces, says Marina.

Previously, Fridays were problematic working days for many of our consultants because it quickly became full in the office, Friday is our “Office day” and we had a limited number of workplaces.

  –  Now we have managed to create an activity-based area where we can have shorter stand-ups and meetings. It’s also a smart and effective workspace for consultants who are on the go, says Daniel with a smile.

What has been done here in the office?

  –  We have opened up and redesigned the entire floor plan, removed the old kitchen and put in a new one. We have also bought new office furniture, changed the doors, painted walls and laid in new floor. In other words, we have done a big refreshment of our office, says Marina and continues:

  –  The office feels more alive now! We work and use the spaces in a whole new way.

How have we been thinking with material selection and interior design?

  –  We’ve had an interior designer, Bella from Office Management, helping us out. She was told to replace our very "Releye-red" interior with a lighter tone, says Daniel while Marina fills in and continues:

  –  She has put a lot of effort into choosing comfortable colors and materials that creates a peaceful yet creative feeling.

What response have you gotten on the renovation?

  –  It feels like everyone likes it a lot and thinks it’s more fun to step into a fresh office. Everyone has been very positive about the renovation and the noise level in our office has become much better. Even customers who have visited us comment on how nice it has become, says Marina before we end the conversation.

Here's a sneak peak on our new office:


Do you want to come and visit us, and mingle with us and our customers? Welcome to our AW on the 24th of May!