Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Every year the Sales Conference Sales Award Gala is organized to honor companies and managers who are ahead of tomorrow's sales and marketing. We can proudly tell you that our sister company, Sweet Systems, has been nominated in the category: Best B2B-Sales Tool 2018.

– We are extremely pleased to hear that Sweet Systems has been nominated as one of the best B2B-Sales Tool 2018. It's always great to get a confirmation of that we work with some of the best platforms on the market. Sweet has smart tools and innovative solutions that can improve and make our customer’s sales, customer service and marketing processes more effective. Sweet definitely deserves the nomination.

Victoria Nilsson, CEO at Releye.

About Sweet Systems

Sweet Systems is a CRM platform that helps B2B- and B2C companies to automate the entire customer lifecycle by offering a solution where sales, customer service and market work towards the same goals – so you as a customer can work smarter and achieve better results.

We hope that Sweet wins the nomination for the best B2B-Sales Tool this year.

You can read more about Sweet Systems here.