Thursday, October 3, 2019

This Monday we attended Microsoft Partner Inspiration Day – an event where partners and Microsoft employees have the opportunity to network and share experiences that accelerate the digital success for their customers.

The theme of the day was "move and change" since Microsoft is in the middle of a move to Urban Escape, a property in the middle of Stockholm City.

The move to the cloud - the journey that has just begun

Microsoft has a clear strategy that together with their partners they can offer and help customers get a scalable, flexible and cloud-based solution that provides them with the right conditions for increased growth. At the time of writing, Microsoft has already begun the construction of three brand new data centers in Sweden, which support the large and growing demand for cloud-based services in the Nordic region and Europe.

Other exciting news we brought with us from this day:

  • Implementation of AI in companies – A full 84% of all companies believe that AI creates competitive advantages, but only 14% of all companies today choose to work with AI. In other words, there is much that we can learn and offer companies within Artificial Intelligence.

  • Continued focus on smart apps – Microsoft continues to develop all of their Business Apps with a clear focus on the areas of Act (PowerApps), Automate (Flow) and Analyze (PowerBI). We are excited and look forward to seeing new smart features which we can pass on and present to our customers.


We also looked at exciting news in their latest release, Microsoft Wave 2, and upcoming events for companies and partners.

Do you want to know more about Microsoft products? Don’t hesitate to contact us at Releye.


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