Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Now we're up and running with another Salesforce project! We have helped Hissen AB to implement Salesforce as a CRM platform, to improve their handling of incoming cases and make the daily work for their engineers more effective. We have met Kristian Olausson from Hissen AB who tells us about the collaboration.



Kristian Olausson
31 years
Project manager for the implementation of Salesforce at Hissen AB

What do you do at Hissen AB? What are your main tasks?

 – I work with optimizing the business and continuously improving our offering to customers.

What does Hissen AB do?

 – We perform service, troubleshooting, repairing and modernization of lifts in Stockholm. Today we have approximately 3 500 lifts in Stockholm that our engineer take care of daily..

How do you experience the collaboration with our Releye team?

 – It has worked very well. We have begun to find a clear structure on our collaboration, a month into the project. We have good collaboration areas, flexible methods for sharing documents and a clear plan for how we work in the different steps for the implementation of Salesforce. The schedule is pretty tight, so we have a very good dialogue around what should be in the scope and what is out of scope. We prioritize together which works very well in this project!

Releye’s consultants, Jenny and Lotta, are fantastic and we really feel that we are working in a tight team.

Can you tell us a little about the project? What is our team from Releye helping you implement?

 – You help us implement Salesforce as a new CRM system. We had a previous system called WinServ, which we want to replace. Salesforce will help us handle all the information that comes in to us at Hissen AB, such as calls, e-mails, leads and sales projects. That information helps us create work orders for our engineers, on site. Information is then sent to Visma so that we can invoice our customers in a smoother way.

Why did you choose Salesforce?

 – We evaluated different systems, and when we got to Salesforce, the choice felt obvious. Salesforce has a large corporation focus today and they have many known customers, but from the beginning they came from small company thinking. Partly through that they can offer something to companies in the whole range in between. It fits us very well structurally, because we can take part in how large corporations work, and what they develop together with Salesforce.
Another great reason is that the solution is easy to customize for an administrator, meaning that we don’t need to adapt to the standard solution, and we can configure it ourselves if we want to. This means that we don’t need too many consulting hours as we learn to manage the system ourselves. Of course, if we don’t, we will need consulting time. But we have a choice - do we want the competence internally or do we want to buy it? We were unable to make that choice before, says Kristian and continues:

 – The price was also a factor to why we chose Salesforce, it’s a very affordable system considering what you get. A web-based system that has a nice interface was also something that rated high on our wish list before we decided to implement Salesforce. We are super happy with our choice!

What expectations do you have on this project? How do you think the new system will affect your business?

 – I never think that an IT project can change a business. It’s up to us now to implement what we have said and what we want to do - but that’s something completely different from the system itself. The system itself can do a lot of things and we can do a lot of things with the system. But if we don’t get our employees to work in the way we want now, it doesn’t matter which system we use. I hope that we get a lot of new functions that help us improve our old ways of working and to retrieve information in a new way, which will allow us to take actions in certain areas. That's where we'll get the effect of Salesforce.

Before deciding to get help from Releye - did you look at other Salesforce partners?

 – No, we didn't. We started talking to you because you can offer solutions from several different platforms like Salesforce, Microsoft and Sweet. It feels comfortable when a supplier can offer different systems to choose from. And unlike many other suppliers, I experience Releye as a very young, energetic and ambitious company.

Are you curious about Salesforce as a CRM platform? Contact us and we will tell you more about how we can help you!

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