Friday, February 9, 2018

Releye is entering a partnership together with Salesforce - the world-leading, cloud based CRM-company. We have been delivering business solutions and implementing platforms within sales, marketing and service for the past 17 years. We use several different technical platforms today and are now also offering solutions based on Salesforce. 

"We continue to develop and drive innovation to be relevant and to be able to provide a wide and deep offering."
- Victoria Nilsson, CEO at Releye

Today, we cooperate with our sister company Sweet Systems within Business Automation and CRM, with Microsoft within CRM and Business Intelligence and with Netoptions within digital marketing. We now also add Salesforce to our partners to broaden our offer. 

Victoria Nilsson, CEO at Releye tells us about the partnership with Salesforce: 

Why does Releye enter a partnership with Salesforce? 

- The partnership together with Salesforce is a part of our plan to continue delivering what our customers want and to support the customers that want to go with this solution, but also to support the customers that are in need of a close partner in the implementation.

What does the cooperation mean for Releye and for our customers?

- No matter which partner we work with it calls for the same hard work within the company with processes, management and integrations as before. We will of course continue delivering the same competence within our current platforms as before but we have chosen to go for this new area as well to better meet the needs of our customers.