Friday, December 15, 2017

The tradition of Christmas lighting is an innovation that was invented during the 1800 century, an invention that has revolutionized our Christmases ever since. Even though Christmas lighting have been existing for a long time it took over two decades before the tradition was established for real. We know that innovation take time but we also know how important it is to promote innovation at the office. Read the history about Edison and his Christmas lighting and take part of our 3 recommendations to innovation.

The history of Christmas lighting

The history goes back to 1879 when Thomas Edison invented the electrical Christmas lighting. An innovation that was widely spread in the news when he presented his new invention in the end of December by hanging a dozen lights together outside. His colleague Edward Johnsson was the first one to light up a Christmas tree using electricity – this, three years later in New York City. The Christmas tree had 80 red, white and blue electrical lights in the size of a walnut. Compare that with the 8 kilometer long line containing 30 000 lights as the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center have today in New York City. Some difference, right? The innovation speaks for itself, a success that is still innovated around today. Since the start in 1879 it took 11 years before the mass production started and the phenomenon was spread around the world.

The innovation in time

1879 – Tomas Edison invented the first electrical Christmas lighting

1882 – The first Christmas tree was decorated with electrical lighting in New York City (80 lights)

1890 – The mass production of Christmas lighting starts

1900 – The stores start decorating with Christmas lighting during Christmas

1917 – Safe Christmas lighting was incented (fire-safe) – private persons start to buy them

1930 –  ”Normal people” start buying Christmas lighting – they can finally afford this luxury

1956 – The Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center get electrical lighting

1950 – People start competing, illuminating their gardens with Christmas lighting

1970 – A revolution in decorative Christmas lighting when mini-lights with high impact, at a low cost and with a low power consumption is invented

2004 – LED lights get an enormous impact and makes it possible to arrange programmed lightshows

The innovation show that we have come a long way since we hung candles in the Christmas trees and the reason to this is patience, courage, technical skills – and a will to always reinvent and try new things.

Our Christmas present to you: 3 recommendations to innovation

We look forward to a new year full of innovations and ideas and to develop these together with our customers. Who knows, we might create magic that we still innovate around in 135 years? 3 recommendations to innovation: 

  • Involve everyone in the innovation work – customers, colleagues and partners
  • Promote innovation at work – where do you get together to develop your business and your way of working?
  • Let the innovation work take time, the outcome can revolutionize your world – it took 11 years before Edison's invention (electrical Christmas lighting) was mass produced



Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year – hope you get an innovative year!

/Greetings from the friends at Releye