Wednesday, November 8, 2017

For almost tree months ago, Adam Madini and Altug Gocmen started working at Releye. We asked them why they choose Releye and what’s the funniest thing they’ve done so far at Releye.

Adam Madini

Role: BI-developer

Started working at Releye: August 2017

Education: Business Intelligence at Nackademin

Altug Gocmen

Role: Developer

Started working at Releye: August 2017

Originally comes from: Turkey (lived in Sweden for 3 years) 

How come you choose Releye?

Adam: Before I started working at Releye I worked as a BI-developer at another company.  I liked it there but after a longer period I grew tired of working with the same routines and techniques every day. I heard about Releye and their dynamic projects and about their innovation days they had each month where you would be able to try new things, methods etc. I felt right away that this was a place where I wanted to be and where I would get to be creative and try our new techniques.  

Altug: Already from the beginning I felt that Releye was like a big family. Everyone know each other and you can talk to anyone, there’s no strict hierarchy in the organization. My first contact with Releye was through Daniel Äng and he convinced me right away by telling me about the company. He gave me a good feeling about the company and told me about the innovation days and DevOps Days etc. It got the feeling that I would be a part of something bigger. It was not a hard choice for me to choose Releye and I like it here a lot.  

What is the funniest thing you’ve done so far at Releye?

Adam: The most interesting project that I have been working with so far is when we helped one of our clients grouping and segmenting their customers based on a buying pattern. We worked with machine learning and other parts that I have not tried before and I got to learn a lot of new things. It’s a fun project and I look forward continuing working with it.

Altug: The funniest thing I’ve done so far at Releye was when we had DevOps Day. During this day all developers work with automating our releases and documenting our solutions. I worked with for example transferring our own data from our TFS to Visual Studios and managed to do my tasks. It was a fun day which ended up with an after work.

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