Trygg-Hansa's more than 300 active sales reps have a diverse portfolio of solutions for its corporate clients. Working structured, segmented and identifying customer needs is everything. All the marketing and salesactivities will be monitored, from the individual level to the executive level. The company implemented a new system in operation whilst changing working methods.

Improved systems for monitoring

We realized that we must have better tracking than before to follow marketing and support all sales channels. Earlier it was very manual handling of information, it was more reactive than proactive. In some cases, follow-up is not made until after a couple of weeks. To strengthen our market position, we introduced a digital monitoring, a scorecard, which streamlines our sales and follow-up, says Henrik Gunolf, sales manager at Codan.

KPI, Key Performance Indicators were defined for each sales channel. With established definitions, the different sales channels are now compared with each other resulting in sales management with a more detailed and comprehensive analysis.

Call center was the first channel where we introduced the system. By being able to follow up on the individual level, we see where we need to support staff. At the lowest quartile, we have been able to double sales. It is not entirely the system's merits, even factors that changed the way we work record.


Better sales results

For field sales it's a little too early to quantify the improvements in sales results even though they are clearly visible. One reason is that there are many parameters to consider.

A business deal is a complex sales process that may involve four or five functions. With this tool, we can see where in the sales process the deal is located, how long it takes to get through it. For the sell side, it becomes much clearer what other functions are involved to close the deal.

Part of the analysis is to quickly and accurately evaluate the retention rate of our customers, says Henrik Gunolf. Active customer care to retain clients is an important aspect as it can otherwise be easily overlooked.

Take full advantage of Scorecard

To take full advantage of the Scorecard system, it is very important that all change the way they work. This applies both in the daily analysis of sales as well as in the support to the sales force. Nowadays, information is analyzed from the individual level and aggregated to match sales reps, sales managers and upwards in the hierarchy.

We have regular meetings all the way up to our CEO, who each month will receive a review of the sale. It is obvious which ones have started with the tool and who is next in line.

So far, the system covers half of the channels we have. We have a team that runs the project and in the future we will switch to more channels. It was a strategic decision to implement the system. To be a long-term player in the market and expand our capacity, we have to work very customer focused, says Henrik Gunolf.