"Immediate access to a single view of passengers' wishes and needs gives us a good chance to stay ahead of our competitors," Margaretha Bremar, Group CIO
Thomas Cook Northern Europe.

Travel group Thomas Cook with companies Ving, Spies and Tjäreborg under his wing a large bet on a tailored customer support system - One View. Apart from all the Nordic countries include rollout an additional 60 countries. Thomas Cook found Releye via Business Connection, whose mission is to identify and evaluate market vendors.

One view of the customer streamlines operation

One view of the traveler's overall travel history regardless of where the person in question is located. It is the vision behind Thomas Cook's major investment in a global customer support system. A project known as One View and comprises a total of 1200 of the 3000 employees.

"The travel industry is very competitive while the products are similar from one travel agency to another. By staff immediate access to a complete view of passengers' wishes and needs, we have a good chance to stay ahead of our competitors. We are very pleased with Releye efforts so far and without Business Connections help, we would never have discovered Releye," says Margaretha Bremar, Group CIO at Thomas Cook Northern Europe.

Business Connection is a service organization related to new IT investments and helps buyers to identify and evaluate market vendors in relation to the buyer's specifications. In the case of Thomas Cook was the requirements were extraordinarily high.

"We are talking about a global customer support system that integrates with all parts of Thomas Cook's operations and for the foreseeable future be regarded as one of the company's most critical systems. In retrospect, I am very happy that Thomas Cook is pleased with the delivery from Releye and the functionality that the system offers," says Jonas Wallin, CEO of Business Connection.

One View is considered as a core system based on redundant environments requiring virtually 100 percent uptime. Thomas Cook has offices throughout the Nordic countries and destinations to 60 countries, which not only makes the system having to cope with case management and customer support, but also multi-language support. A dozen vendors qualified. In the end there was only one - Releye.


Why Releye?

Releye strength is to create a well-functioning interaction between all units of the customer, i.e., ranging from marketing and sales department to customer service and hotel travel destination. And that we really are at the forefront when it comes to integration issues was shown by us in the Thomas Cook deal when we beat out a number of renowned competitors and thus could take home one of the largest CRM business throughout the past year, says Klas-Magnus Hilberth, CEO of Releye.
Since we have many satisfied customers and proof that we can really deliver complex solutions, we arranged so that Thomas Cook could make reference visits at SBAB and Trygg-Hansa, which I see as a major contributor to why Thomas Cook finally chose us as a supplier and our platform based on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server and Sweet Systems, says Klas-Magnus Hilberth.