Rexel is part of one of the world’s biggest electrical wholesales group and an expert in energy efficient functions in any type of electricity installations. They deliver sustainable solutions in renewable energy, building automation, and lighting.

There is a high competition for electricians on the market. Therefore, Rexel wants to improve the loyalty and cooperation with their existing partners – the electricians. Another goal is to strengthen their leading position on the market of energy efficiency.


We implemented a new partner strategy and a digital co-working portal. The portal is the main tool for executing this strategy. It functions like a project room where Rexel manages projects together with their partners. With this new strategy Rexel creates more room for contacts, strengthens the bond with their electricians and end customers, delivers with higher quality and makes the customer feel more secure. Selected electricians are also supported access new business areas.


It has been a few months since the strategy and the platform were launched and Rexel had the chance to evaluate the project.

The biggest challenge after the project was to get all the electricians work according to the new concept. This is a completely new way of collaborating and can be a bit difficult to implement in the beginning. But everything has worked out great and we have already noticed the value in working like this. The electricians appreciate the supporting tools they can access in the portal, such as the sales pipeline, the tool for creating offers, the customer overview, the mobility in this solution, and many more. With the partner concept, we are always developing collaboration and operations together.

This concept has generated internal value as we broadened the contact surface with partners and end customers. Therefore, risks of losing the customer or us not delivering the right quality are minimized. In the new portal, we can see all contact points with the customer and bottlenecks in the processes. This way we can quickly optimize processes by performing the right actions, says Anita Jansson, responsible for communication and business development at Rexel.


Markus Ewers, founder and owner of Releye, has been engaged in the project and is convinced of this new way of working:

The project has been very exciting to work with. Before the project, Rexel was rather unrecognized by the end customer because their partners managed all contacts. Today we can already see how this has changed. Releye has been a part of defining and digitalizing Rexel’s processes. Therefore, it is now easier to work more efficiently.

Rexel’s main goal was to strengthen their position on the market, and they have already come a long way. Anita Jansson from Rexel talks about her experience:

We are more and more often mentioned by the media and asked for expert advice on charging stations and solar cells. This is wonderful proof of that our hard work was definitely worth it.