With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Bankgirot put more energy to create value instead of having a fragmented picture of the customer in different systems and documents.

Bankgirot offers products and services for clearing of payments, transfers, electronic billing and security on the Internet in Sweden. Bankgirot is the central player in Sweden when it comes to payment and information between banks and their customers.

What the CRM solution offers Bankgirot:

  • Better control and overview of customers
  • Advanced workflow management where issues are prioritized by the system
  • Ability to keep track of complicated processes

Two years ago, a big step was taken when a new CRM system was procured. Earlier, Bankgirot had a Lotus Notes / Domino solution for case management which had worked well, but there was a general decision to leave the Notes platform.

Katarina Spjuth is group manager for operational support, and the company responsible for the project at Bankgirot.

The Lotus Notes product was never large. Basically, we were the only customer, and it was expensive to drive development. 

When we signed the new contract, we looked at various CRM , case and document management systems. The most important thing for us was that it was a standard platform with continuous development, she says. It was also important that there was a well-developed case management, communication solutions and workflow management in the system. In addition, there would be a mail structure with automatic sorting and handling of SLA levels.

The system would include integrations with our contract data files and retrieve information about the customer who contacts us.


Automatic updates

Bankgirot chose Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Today all the requested functionality of the system are implemented. For example, they have a workflow management where cases automatically are updated by downloading information from different systems at Bankgirot.

We follow up our cases and what they are about, and log case types. Using this, we can then follow up our processes. In cases with workflow, we are often several people handling the same case and doing different steps. Then it is important with a quick overview. We have this in the new system, says Katarina Spjuth.

Ett viktigt krav har varit att systemet också är enkelt att administrera och konfigurera för Bankgirot.

Customers include banks and we need to keep track of the bank's unique processes and to ensure that we charge them correctly. We must also be able to meet new demands from customers and have a flexible system that supports the new processes.
For us at Bankgirot, it was important, in addition to case management, to also have CRM information in the same system so we can track all activities and issues we have with our customers. By gathering information in the system, we will be able to refine the knowledge of our customers. The 360 customer ​​view and that fact that the solution is integrated with the company's communication channels have been helpful, says Katarina Spjuth.

Bankgirot also want to work more transparent and make information available to more people in the organization. To get the best integration and the smoothest handling of documents as possible, Bankgirot rolled out Microsoft SharePoint in the enterprise. Today, it is fully integrated into the CRM system and the basis for the intranet, their collaboration portal.

There is no other system solution we have found that can deliver all the functionality and putting all the pieces we have in place, such as Microsoft CRM.

Releye from the start

Releye have been involved since the contract was signed and have implemented case management, CRM and document management. On May 7th, the new system was launched and Katarina Spjuth believes that the system worked very well since inception.

The challenge now is to get sales to start working in the CRM system so it is filled with information and know the benefits of system support. A large part of the system's ease of use is based on the similarity with Outlook.

The next step is to continue to develop the system, improve the users and integrate with more systems such as Bankgirot accounting system to streamline the billing process.

Our CRM solution enables us to deepen our customer relationships instead of spending time to administer, summarize Katarina Spjuth.