We transform our customers’ customer management

Together with our customers, we develop concepts and solutions that create seamless proactive customer experiences with 24/7 availability. Along with the digitalization, interactivity and customer communications become increasingly central. Our customers approach us with questions on how to best take advantage of this change. With our engagement and innovative perspective, we address questions that cover customer experience and efficiency.

Long experience of developing customer relations

Since Releye was founded in 2000, the views of the customer and communications are turned around. Thanks to our experience and competence within the areas of customer relations, market communications and digital behavior, we have established a knowledge base and mindset that welcomes this shift. We are one step ahead and ready to provide our customers with ideas on smart customer solutions and strategies.

We make a difference for our customers

We are


Our commitment is what unites us and forms the driving force of the company. We are an effective organization that implements all projects with a decisiveness.


We are experts and provide our customers with the best solutions in the market thanks to our consultants' professionalism and expertise. We are great planners, we keep times and are doing the right things from start.


We are constantly developing ourselves at Releye. We are exploring the market at the same time as we take in all the expertise and competences from our employees and customers to constantly being able to renew ourselves.


By being honest and having close dialogues with our customers and suppliers, we create long lasting, good relationships. We are responsive at Releye and we keep our promises.

What are your challenges?

We look forward hearing from you

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We save your personal information to be able to respond to your requests/support tickets and to be able to contact you with information of your interest. When you contact us you give your consent for the Releye-group to store your personal information. We save your information until that day when you do not longer wish to have any contact with us. You can contact us anytime you wish to be deleted from our systems. Do you have any questions of how we apply GDPR and how we store your personal information? Read more in our Policy (link in footer) or contact us at info@releye.se. For more information about GDPR and your rights as a private person we refer you to Datainspektionen.

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